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 " I simply seek to design & create for a better world & future. 

- I always ask how we together can create & design in a 

more sustainable, responsible, & more environmental way, 

without compromising strong emotional values "

Besides having the professional title as a fashion & textile designer, I see myself as futurist, solutionist, inventor, coworker, consultant, researcher and developer of new ideas & solutions within our world. 

I am, determent, passionated, visionary, and aware minded about creating new solutions for the textile and fashion industry throughout holistic approaches, textile engineering, innovation & a spark of 'disruption mind-set'.

I love to ask questions and work in cross disciplinary collaborations, to gather the needed know-how. 

To ensure the understanding of our world and where it's headed, I always combine current knowledge with new knowledge from different businesses -everything from trendforecasting, from human science, human centered design approaches, science, wonders on our world, universe & perspectives to the very needed circularity design strategies - these are all key elements in my design perspective and approach. I describe myself as being a "T" shaped person, being able to have the broader overview and knowledge about different things, but still being able to deepdive into one specific area and being "nerdy" about solving the challenges fully focused.

My designphilosophy is to always work towards how I creatively and responsibly can contribute to the embetterment of the textiles, material and apparel market, and how I can offer solutions and new inventions in the space between technology, aesthetics and societal challenges.

Where the most motivating factor for me as a human being and designer in our world, is to contribute with new solutions or design products, knowledge within our industry, that helps and embetter life, future and environment, all for our world, nature, generations & the ones to come.

I welcome and embrace new challenges, and strive to find new ways of pushing the boundaries of design in the industry. I always create with the "why" in mind and for a purpose and function,  where execution and beautiful aesthetics of designing products or solutions are high on the bar - I believe that the emotional combined with functional value of products cannot go without one another. 

I believe we need to emphasise more on the unseen elements of solutions or product development, such as materiality - senses, aesthetics, and emotional values, these are all key in my perspective, for a clear and purposeful communication for the embetterment of whether its the industry production and solutions, or consumers product choices in the future.  

I simply seek to design and create for a better World and future. 

Feel free to take a look at my website and projects. 

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